Its Paper world…

July 5, 2006

It is so scary to think how much our life depends on paper.  Scarier to think how much of it is now going to the great unknown of web based programs.  Our money is made of paper, our birth certificates, our titles and deeds, our identification, our marriarges, our communication, our pictures, our history.  Paper, paper, and more paper. 

Now we go online but with paper backup documentation.  But it all works out.  Somewhere back then, it became a universally accepted practice to use paper.  

What if they decided to use moose nuggets or something.  moosenugget.jpgAll moose would be under 24 hour guard with special people hired to follow them around with a plastic bag.  People would be robbing each other over moose nuggets and going to court over moose nuggets.  It seems silly yeah but we do the same over paper.


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